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    Gacaferi today

    Today we possess the most modern worldwide technology and have exclusive partnership with some of the most prestigious Italian joinery. Every product of Gacaferi goes through rigorous testing in its way to your home. Every product of Gacaferi contains the stamp of perfect workmanship and that of love for our work. Countless combinations, different styles, different colors, and your requests for specific functionality are just some of the things we are more than happy to fulfill for you. We meet our offers with your diverse requests, your lifestyle and your pleasure.


    Gacaferi Company dates from 1957 when Mehmet Gacaferi started the work in the city of Peja, in a small handicraft shop for the local market.
    In that time the workshop was simple but inspired a great idea. For the last fifty years passing through different difficulties that are known for all of us, Gacaferi survived and with an incredible speed returned in the Kosovar and worldwide market.

    The highest standards in kitchens: Preferring the Best

    On average, people live with their kitchens for 15 to 20 years. It’s worth investing in the security of a kitchen that is not outdated the next day. To own a Gacaferi kitchen is to rest assured of sustainable quality: highly individual options for designs, layouts and accessories; customer service before and after purchase; and above all, first-class quality guaranteed by the exclusive use of high-quality material, the highest precision in workmanship, and rigorous controls and testing before, during and after the manufacturing process.


    Italian Quality

    Gacaferi kitchens are produced in Kosovo with the collaboration of the best Italian and international companies.
    With limitless creativity and the tradition in the furniture industry that dates back from 1957.


    Color, finishing, material: total freedom of choice

    The kitchen is the space where we live more intensely. For this reason we like to create it according to our taste. We give you total freedom of choice: you can freely choose color, finishing, material and combine them to your personal liking. This because the variety of solutions and our creativeness lets you personalize your own environment. We will produce them so that you can create the kitchen of your dreams.


    Organising your kitchen space.

    The disposition of the various elements and service functions in the kitchen must be carefully planned. There is an optimal logic in arranging the technical and architectural structures: the kitchen must be created according to its measures, the opening and closing movements of doors and drawers, of chairs and tables and a series of other considerations. Thinking of these technical aspects that apparently are not very significant but have great practical relevance lets you move in a comfortable and functional space, and it improves the quality of your life in the kitchen.

    Layouts for planning your fitted kitchen

    Lifestyle, taste, preference and habits: the kitchen disposition depends on the personality of who is choosing it. Since they are modular and customisable systems, each of our collections’ types are adaptable to any kind of space and environment.

    Organising movements and functions

    Each kitchen is designed to carry out certain functions. There are 5 poles around witch we organise our kitchen system: the storing pole, the tools pole, the preparing pole, the washing pole and the cooking pole. If you rationally organise these functions while planning the kitchen, you operate intelligently, restricting unnecessary and unnatural movements. In these pictures we have considered developing a kitchen for a right handed person.

    Kitchen worktops

    Gacaferi provides a wide choice of worktops, in various materials, finishes, colours; all in the complete respect of the environment. In particular in the Gacaferi range there are: -worktops produced with recycled materials, e.g. the “Second.Life” range; -worktops which use eco-sustainable wooden material and natural pigments, e.g. the “Naturalia” range;

    Ecological panels

    Gacaferi uses only FSC-certified Ecological panels, produced from recycled wood which does not require new trees to be felled. When abandoned in dumps or burned, wood emits greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, while recycled wood traps them in, thus limiting the impact on the atmosphere.


    Gacaferi Use only recycled cardboard (e.g. produced by reprocessing paper and/or cardboard in a new production cycle) and recyclable cardboard (that can be used to produce new cardboard)


    Within its broad product range, Gacaferi promotes a series of indispensable accessories for those who want to fully experience their kitchens while fully respecting the environment. The following are particularly useful: -various types and sizes of waste bin with several compartments for differentiated waste collection.